For the past few years I maintained the blog at polyominoes.blogspot.com, but because the blog format really doesn't lend itself to this kind of topic (and partially because eww gross google) I started this site up alongside it which will eventually have pretty much the same information, just better interlinked and cross-referenced for ease of browsing.

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Links to other, better Polyform Sites

While there are lots of sites about polyominoes and other polyforms on the World Wide Net, they're all sort of spread out all over the place. I'll add more sites to this list as and when I find them.

Solving Software:

  • Peter Esser's site has solvers for polyominoes, polyiamonds, polyhexes and polycubes, and each has options for creating sets of pieces with half-squares, half-hexagons etc. so can be used for polyaboloes, polydrafters and other weird piece sets.
  • FlatPoly2 by Aad van de Wetering. This one allows you to specify custom piece sets, and is nice for enumerating all solutions for a shape. He also has solvers for other shapes too on there.
  • Polyform Puzzler - the site also has lots of example solutions.
  • PolySolver by Jaap Scherphuis - Java solver that can handle lots of exotic grid types: polycairoes, diamonds, kites, you can even do polydrafters and polydudes if you've got the patience to input the pieces.

General polyform-related sites:

Archive.org versions of long-gone sites:

  • Brendan Owen's site with info about the Eternity puzzle and related sets of pieces (polydudes).

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